What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (or ORM) is the process of ensuring that individuals or businesses reflect a positive image to the public online. This means controlling the information obtained by internet users who search for information regarding an individual or business. Online Reputation Management Singapore Company ensures that information presented about the individual or business is accurate and not misleading, or outdated. Inaccurate, misleading or outdated material can adversely influence the views of potential customers or Internet users searching for information on a particular topic.


Why Should You Care

How many times have you heard of a business that has gone bust because of something that people in the community read or heard about the business? Think about it. People ‘s decisions are influenced by the information they get about a business or an individual.

Online reputation management is important especially today with widespread access to the internet. More people are becoming dependent on online resources for information. Most people believe what they read online even if it is false. A false negative statement about you or your business may therefore influence a potential or current customer and make you lose their custom.

Online reputation management is also important for improving your online reputation. It isn’t all about getting rid of false information but also to ensure that positive information about your business or you are made available to the public. You can think of online reputation management as online public relations (PR).

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Your business may be suffering because of a simple remark made online that may be misleading. Protect your business.

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