We provide businesses with a wide range of customized and standard analyses, all available on our platform.

Analysis is important for making important business decisions. You can make decisions that will improve your sales by using our analytical tools. Businesses can now analyze data based on customized factors including geographical regions so as to make sense of the information in regards to your business. The data can be exported in CSV format if you want to carry out further analysis on it.

We also provide services for schedules reports if you prefer. These can be emailed to you on a periodic basis based on what you prefer.

Our analyses and reports allow you to view information on your business’ reputation from various online resources all on one platform. You no longer have to scour through the internet and try to find out what other people are saying about your business. You can now make an informed choice on information about your business. This is what effective online reputation management is all about.

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Mining Consumer opinion

Our research and development team will help you find key trends in the reviews by your customers. We apply advanced processing algorithms for languages to customer reviews to discover any patterns or trends that may be present in the comments provided by customers.

We check customer satisfaction, reviews, product preferences, locations and much more. The information provided by the research and development team enables us to give suggestions or insights on what you can do to increase customer satisfaction.


Managed service options

We provide a wide range of managed services that you can add on to reduce the logistics usually associated with the implementation process. We prepare email campaigns for our clients ensuring that they are in line with the best practices of the industry. We also assist our clients by helping them respond effectively and professionally to negative reviews about their businesses. We offer responses to negative

comments made on social media platforms to ensure the protection of the image of our clients. We have built countless social media presence campaigns for our clients. We ensure that the campaigns are customized to suit the needs and requirements of each customer. We also ensure that the campaigns suit the needs of your different locations.

If you haven’t already invested in online reputation management, you are taking a great risk with your business and your personal reputation.
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